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RBHA is a leader in the Community Health industry. The mission of RBHA’s Human Resources Division is to create a culture and environment that encourages career development as well as health, wellness, and self-care opportunities for our employees. In order to optimize employees’ personal and professional productivity and growth, RBHA is committed to providing a healthy work environment that supports healthy choices for employees.

RBHA works to provide multiple and on-going opportunities for our employees to grow professionally – internal workshops and trainings, external conferences and trainings, and support with attaining professional certifications and licenses (when applicable). Here at RBHA, we consider ourselves a family. RBHA Human Resources Division works to keep everyone connected to ensure our services are exceeding expectations while delivering quality customer service.


Job Title & Division: PACT Vocational Clinician, Adult Mental Health
Years of Service: 4 Years
“The support of the staff, the supervisors, the colleagues, a very supportive environment and everyone has the same goal and at the same time maintain a healthy work life balance.”

Job Title & Division: Lead Primary Care & OBOT Nurse at the RICH Clinic, SUD
Years of Service: 4 Years
“The organization has made my development goals a prior and has the opportunity to purse trainings and education that is trajectory of growth; supportive leadership.”

Job Title & Division: Clinical Supervisor of School Based Programs, MHC&F
Years of Service: 18
“When I come to work, I don’t feel as if it’s an actual job but I feel as it is a family here. I’ve been through life changing events, good and bad, and I’ve always had the support of my colleagues.”

Job Title & Division: Quality Specialist I, DS
Years of Service: 7
“RBHA is immersed in culture and creates a diverse population including the clients and the employees. I think the diversity ultimately gives the employees an opportunity to develop professionally. If you are passionate and driven, there is definitely a path to grow at RBHA. Supervisors at RBHA are extremely supportive.”

Employee Events

RBHA hosts a variety of events to inform and celebrate our employees: from All Staff Meetings to Spirit Week to the annual Employee Appreciation Event. RBHA Leadership believes it is a top priority to continuously provide employees critical information to aid with their roles and to celebrate all of the achievements being made on a daily basis.

RBHA Holiday Party 2019 RBHA Holiday Party 2019 RBHA Holiday Party 2019

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