Internships/Volunteer Opportunities

Learn about our internship opportunities.

Internship Opportunities

RBHA is committed to providing quality internship experiences that challenge students to apply their education in a real-world behavioral health environment. Click here to explore areas of service that may be available for internship and volunteer placement.

Students who are interested in an internship placement at RBHA should complete the application.  

If RBHA does not have an existing agreement with a particular program or school, the student will identify the appropriate person at their institution for an agreement to be executed before the placement begins.

RBHA is unable to take applications for internships from non-traditional colleges or universities (online programs) without a physical location in VA.

Volunteer Opportunities

RBHA is always looking for dedicated and reliable volunteers to support our organization. Once a volunteer has been offered placement, a criminal history check at the expense of the volunteer must be provided to RBHA prior to start date. Additional trainings and supervision will be required based on the service area in which the volunteer is placed. Individuals who are interested in a volunteer placement at RBHA should complete the application and submit via email to

Additional volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups are also available through RBHFoundation. Click here to learn more.

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