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Meet the RBHA Board of Directors

As the statutorily designated provider of behavioral health and developmental disability services for the City of Richmond, RBHA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The RBHA Board of Directors is comprised of individuals passionate about the mission of RBHA. Board members are appointed by Richmond City Council for three-year terms.

Board of Directors, Fiscal Year 2024

  • Irvin L. Dallas, Chair
  • Karah L. Gunther, JD, MHA, Vice Chair
  • Malesia A. Taylor, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jenny A. Aghomo
  • Tameisha Archer
  • Kristi L. Babenko
  • Scott F. Cannady
  • Cynthia Newbille, Ph.D.
  • Rev. Dana C. Sally-Allen
  • Eduardo P.G. Vidal
  • Stephen Willoughby, MPA

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Meet the RBHA Executive Leadership Team

Susan Hoover, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Chief Administrative Officer

Susan J. Hoover is a licensed clinical social worker and has served at RBHA for over 30 years; serving as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) since 2015. Prior to her role as CAO, Susan served as Director of Quality and Standards and spent the first 15 years of her career at RBHA in clinical services with the Emergency Services Unit and the Mental Health Division. She was instrumental in implementing the first PACT Team (Program of Assertive Community Treatment) at RBHA. Susan looks forward to continuing to support the RBHA mission.

Bill Fellows, Chief Financial Officer

Bill has served in his position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since 2016.  Prior to his role as CFO of RBHA, Bill worked in Public Accounting as an auditor in both the government and non-profit sectors.  Bill is a graduate of Christopher Newport University with a degree in Accounting and is retired from the U.S. Coast Guard where he served as a Flight Mechanic and Crew Chief on Search and Rescue Helicopters.

In his work at RBHA, Bill has worked to strengthen internal control functions, improve financial reporting processes, and eliminate previous audit findings.  As CFO, Bill looks forward to continuing to improve financial processes within the organization, especially through automating processes to reduce paper use wherever possible.

Shenee McCray, Chief Operating Officer, Mental Health Services

Shenee McCray, LCSW is the Chief Operating Officer for Mental Health Services at the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA), where she has worked for more than 20 years and served in her current role for over five years. Prior to her role as Chief Operating Officer, Ms. McCray held various leadership positions within the agency since 2005. Ms. McCray has been instrumental in implementing Same Day Access and Permanent Supportive Housing among other mental health programs and looks forward to expanding access to school-based mental health services.

Cristi Zedd, Chief Operating Officer, Developmental Services

Cristi Zedd has served in her current role of Chief Operations Officer of Developmental Services (previously titled Division Director of Developmental Services) since January 2011. Cristi joined RBHA in February 2007 as the Developmental Services Children’s Manager where she provided the overall direction and leadership of case management services for children birth to 22 years old. In July 2010, Cristi was instrumental in bringing Part C/ Early Intervention Services to RBHA and establishing RBHA as the Local Lead Agency for these federally mandated services. Furthermore, Cristi has been pivotal in leading and directing systemic change at the local, regional and state level by providing more integrated, person-centered, community based services for individuals with developmental disabilities. More specifically, she was a key partner in developing, implementing and operating regionally based statewide crisis prevention, mobile and residential crisis stabilization programs (REACH) for individuals with developmental disability and dual mental health diagnoses. Cristi has served at RBHA for over 16 years.

Jim May, Chief Operating Officer, Grants, Research, Evaluation & Planning, Substance Use & Prevention Services

Dr. Jim May serves as a Chief Operating Officer for the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA), where he leads the organization’s Planning, Development (Grants), Research, Evaluation and Substance Use Disorders Treatment and Prevention Services.  Dr. May received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked in Richmond throughout most of his career. Dr. May has been the Primary Investigator on numerous grants that have cumulatively brought in over $40M in additional state and federal revenue to support the expansion of services for the citizen of Richmond.  Recent grants have included one that established an integrated primary health care clinic at RBHA, a current grant to expand residential treatment services for pregnant women, and another grant to establish RBHA as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center.  Dr. May has recently led the development of new services programs on RBHA’s North Campus and an innovative Office-Based Opioid Treatment services program to address the current opioid epidemic in Richmond. 

Amy Erb, Senior Director of Regional Programs

Amy Erb has served in the position of Director of Regional Programs since 2012. Prior to her role as Regional Programs Director, Amy worked in various direct service, supervisory, and leadership roles on RBHA’s Adult Mental Health Division.  During her time with RBHA, Amy has been involved with residential and homeless services programs, integrated care initiatives, development of peer employment, and veterans programs.  She looks forward to continuing to lead the Region 4 Programs team and collaborating with regional partners in an ever-changing behavioral health environment.  Amy has served at RBHA for over 20 years.

Michael Tutt, Senior Director of Human Resources

Michael Tutt has served in the position of Director of Human Resources since November 15, 2010 Before his role as the Director of HR, Michael was committed to serving the Richmond community as Case Manager with the Mobile Team from 1992 –1998, then at the Psycho-Social program from 1998- 2005, where he was quickly able to utilize his vast knowledge of direct services to drive change and establish a robust HR Help Center. Michael has been instrumental in expanding the Human Resources Team and is an advocate for implementing best practices established by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Michael is dedicated to innovating process improvements to encourage the professional growth and development of our workforce through the ease and accessibility of resources. Michael looks forward to adding digital practices to create a more streamlined and efficient Human Resources Team, continuing to add value to the organization, and, most importantly guide the ethical standards of RBHA. Michael has served RBHA and the community for over 30 years.

Meleese Evans, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer and RBHA Board of Directors

Meleese has served in the position of Executive Assistant since December 23, 2013. Prior to her role as an Executive Assistant, Meleese worked at RBHA as Administrative Assistant in the Executive Office, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Developmental Services, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Mental Health Services, and Office Associate in Mental Health Services. Meleese has worked at RBHA for over 29 years.

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