Individuals with substance use disorders and/or co-occurring mental illness require appropriate treatment and long-term services. RBHA provides a continuum of services for individuals throughout the process of recovery, including withdrawal management and residential treatment at RBHA North Campus, case management, counseling, psychiatric and peer recovery support services, and integrated primary care provided through RBHA’s RICH Clinic. 

In December 2015, RBHA acquired the assets of nonprofit Rubicon, Inc., and in December 2016 took over operations of renewed residential and intensive outpatient treatment services. Recognizing the critical need for residential substance use disorder treatment services for Richmond and surrounding areas, RBHA’s Board of Directors approved the purchase of Rubicon’s assets and the renovation of its buildings. Now called RBHA’s North Campus, this multi-building, multi-program treatment campus’ programs  will provide treatment and recovery programs for up to 182 individuals once renovations are complete.

Staff at RBHA North Campus provide person-centered care to individuals seeking substance use treatment and people seeking services for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. The campus is comprised of multiple buildings and programs, including: 

Men's Treatment Center Building

•Gender-specific treatment and counseling programs

•This building also includes a floor for the Withdrawal Management program and a floor for the HOPE Program, which provides services for people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders

Women’s Treatment Center Building

•Gender-specific treatment and counseling programs

•Includes programs for pregnant women and parenting women with their children

Gymnasium Building

•Providing recreational and leisure activities for both men and women receiving treatment, as well as meeting space

Child Activity Center

•Once fully renovated, the Center will provide on-site care and educational activities for children of women receiving treatment

•Part C Early Intervention offices will be housed in the Center

Contact RBHA by calling 804-819-4000 to learn more about RBHA North Campus.


Renovations at North Campus 

RBHA has begun major renovations throughout the North Campus property. These planned renovations are made possible through support of state, local, and regional funds, RBHA approved reserve funds, support from RBH Foundation and grants from local and regional donors and philanthropic organizations. To learn more about supporting capital renovations with a donation or in-kind support, contact the RBH Foundation at or at (804) 819-4097.