Individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) require rapid access to treatment and ongoing recovery supports.

Untreated, people with SUD may experience complex health issues, jeopardize their employment, and place tremendous strains on families and community.  Through many partnerships, RBHA provides a continuum of care including prevention, treatment, and recovery supports, including reaching out to at-risk individuals with programs to prevent the spread of AIDS in our community.

We offer a range of services including interim, short-term, and long-term.  Types of services include outpatient, medication-assisted, and residential.  Below are links to more information about our specific services:

RBHA North Campus: Residential SUD Treatment Center

Learn more about residential programs at RBHA’s newly acquired residential Substance Use Disorder treatment center

Case Management Services

RBHA provides case management services to individuals receiving services in the RBHA Substance Use & Prevention Services Division. 

Interim Services

RBHA provides interim services on a short-term basis to consumers seeking substance use treatment. 

Criminal Justice Initiatives

RBHA partners with various City of Richmond criminal justice entities to deliver specialized services to adults in need.   

Women’s Specialized Services

RBHA provides services specifically designed for pregnant and postpartum and parenting women as well as anyone who is a TANF recipient in need of substance use disorders treatment services. 

Adolescent Treatment Services

RBHA provides services designed to meet the specific needs of youth experiencing substance use and co-occuring mental health disorders. 

HIV/AIDS Education & Testing Services

RBHA is the only community services board in the metro Richmond area that provides HIV-specific intensive case management, outreach, prevention counseling, and testing services to individuals with substance use disorders.

Prevention Services

RBHA provides exemplary prevention programs to youth, families, schools, and community that will provide the skills necessary to build protective factors and discourage the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 

Grants, Research & Evaluation Services

RBHA's Grants, Research, Planning, and Evaluation Unit enhances our grant-seeking capabilities and improves the quality of services.