School-based programs for children with mental health needs offer a wide array of services for your child and your family, including: 

Children in ClassroomTherapeutic Day Treatment

Therapeutic Youth Day Treatment is a mental health service offered in many of the public schools in the City of Richmond.  

Case Management

A case manager will work closely with each child and family participating in a RBHA school-based therapeutic program.  

Behavior Modification 

RBHA’s school-based programs use a behavior modification and level system model that has demonstrated effectiveness in helping children change their behavior.

Treatment Planning 

RBHA uses a treatment planning model developed in partnership with each child and family in school-based programs. 


RBHA offers different types of weekly counseling services to children and families involved in school-based programs.  

Psycho-Educational Groups 

RBHA offers psycho-educational group services designed to teach children among a small cluster of their peers.  

Care Coordination 

RBHA connects with providers involved in your child's care, facilitating care coordination intended to improve the effectiveness of service. 

Crisis Intervention 

In each of the RBHA’s school-based programs, the team is specifically trained to handle crisis situations. 

Program Locations 


Additional Community Resources

Contact RBHA by email or by calling 804-819-4000 to learn more about School-Based Services.