In the Adult Mental Health Division, we assist adults living with a serious mental illness along their journey of recovery.  

Adult service recipients must be residents of the City of Richmond and diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness. To make an appointment, please call 804-819-4000.

Below are links to our specific services:

Case Management Services

Case management services are comprehensive services and supports available to adults diagnosed with a serious mental illness who are in need of assistance with improving their quality of life and further enhancing their integration in the community.

Psychiatric Services

Most individuals who are admitted to RBHA for services in the Adult Mental Health Division are eligible to receive ongoing care from an on-site psychiatrist.  Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly appointments are coordinated.  Additionally, individuals participating in one of a few specific programs may be able to benefit from routing home visits with their psychiatrist.

Medical Services

The RICH Recovery Primary Care Clinicis a new integrated health care program for RBHA consumers that routinely screens and assesses for overall physical health and provides treatment for chronic conditions. 

Support Services

Through the Adult Mental Health Division individuals are offered various types of support services.

Specialized Programs

RBHA offers specialized programs to individuals seeking to enhance their recovery from both a serious mental illness and a substance use disorder.   

Consumer Advisory Council