REACH is a crisis prevention, intervention and stabilization system to support individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, as well as a mental health condition or challenging behavior that is negatively affecting their quality of life.

REACH programs are offered across Virginia. REACH provides consultation, prevention, mobile support and crisis therapeutic home services to individuals who have an intellectual or developmental disability & mental health or behavioral need (Crisis Therapeutic Home services are currently available for Adults (18+) at this time). REACH emphasizes the prevention of crises before they occur. This prevention is done through early identification of individuals in need of service, development of crisis education & prevention plans, training, technical assistance and consultation (behavioral, psychiatric). REACH recognizes that people’s lives go better when everyone involved in supporting the individual works as a team to develop ideas and strategies that will work best for the person.


The REACH clinical team provides consultation as well as ongoing preventative & crisis planning. The REACH clinical team works with the individual and his/her system of supports in order to problem solve, reduce the frequency of needed emergency interventions and assist with ongoing stability.

Crisis Response (24/7)

REACH is available to provides crisis consultation as well as on-site response as needed for individuals experiencing a crisis. 

Mobile Support

REACH provides mobile support services to the individual’s system in order to maintain stability in their current placement.  Services can be provided up to 15 days on a planned or emergency basis.

Crisis Therapeutic Home (18+)

The REACH crisis therapeutic home has 6 beds.The crisis therapeutic home is designed to provide short-term treatment to stabilize the individual and assess the individual’s needs. Adults may enter this service for 3-5 days for a preventative stay, or up to 15 days for emergency and hospital/jail step-down. The maximum length of stay is 30 days. 


Mobile and crisis therapeutic home services are provided to assist with skill building (i.e., self-care/ADLs and independent living skills), monitor medication compliance and therapeutic activities (i.e., self-esteem building, wellness groups, appropriate self-expression, problem solving, coping skills/relaxation strategies, and recreational, social, and leisure activities).


REACH offers clinical assessment and support by using the following methods:

  • Training and empowerment for individuals, families, and caregivers
  • 24/7 toll free crisis line (855-282-1006)
  • Positive behavior interventions
  • Therapeutic tools
  • Community and home-based crisis intervention and stabilization supports
  • Safety Care Strategies
  • System Planning 
  • Multi-Disciplinary Case Consultation 
  • Linkages/Recommendations

The Region IV REACH program can be contacted at the following numbers:

  • 24/7 toll free crisis number    855-282-1006
  • Therapeutic home                 804-819-8700
  • Clinical Office                        804-303-0741

Other REACH Program Contact Information can be found at DBHDS

To make a referral, complete the referral form and fax to 804-562-5135.

For additional information, please see our program brochures: 

Adult REACH     Child REACH