The goal of our AEMS services is to assist the individual to successfully resolve the immediate crisis situation, and link them to other on-going community-based supports.

Services under the AEMS Division include: 

Crisis Services

RBHA’s Crisis Intervention provides 24-hour emergency services, information, referral, and triage for outpatient services for the City of Richmond. 

Hospital Liaison & Forensic Services

RBHA provides follow-along case management services for individuals hospitalized in state psychiatric facilities as well as forensic patients in state facilities and individuals discharged from adult facilities on conditional release plans.

Psychiatric & Medication Services

RBHA performs psychiatric evaluations and treatment for eligible individuals and provides a central point for medication access for consumers without an insurance prescription benefit. 

Court Services

RBHA provides consultation services to Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court and the Mental Health Docket of the Richmond City General District Court. 

Region IV Reinvestment Programs

RBHA is the fiscal and administrative agent for an array of specialized programs that serve all seven Community Services Boards/Behavioral Health Authority in the central Virginia region.