In the interest of offering individuals in our region the best quality of life possible and access to appropriate services, funding has been reallocated from the state hospitals and reinvested in community programs that serve individuals in a less restrictive environment.  

Since 2003, RBHA has been the fiscal and administrative agent for an array of programs that serve all seven Community Services Boards/Behavioral Health Authority in the central Virginia region.  The participating CSBs in Region IV are Chesterfield, Crossroads (Farmville area), District 19 (Petersburg area), Goochland-Powhatan, Hanover, Henrico Area, and the RBHA.  These programs have proven to fill critical needs throughout Region IV and have been growing tremendously in recent years. 

The Region IV Reinvestment Programs include:

Region IV’s Acute Care Project

The Acute Care Project began in Region IV in 1999.  Since then, the Project has administered the allocation of more than $30 million for local inpatient hospitalizations.  Funding uninsured individuals in a local setting allows individuals to receive quality care that can involve their families, case managers, and other support systems in the least restrictive setting.  Lastly, individuals spend much less time in the local hospital setting than they would if admitted to the state hospital.

Region IV’s Regional Jail Team

The Regional Jail Team is a novel, comprehensive approach that encompasses identification, treatment, and management of offenders with mental illness in a jail setting.  The team is designed to divert offenders, when feasible, from hospitalization and incarceration.  The team’s services are available to those who reside within this regional catchment area, and/or are incarcerated, receive or have a history of receiving services from the local Community Services Board (CSB), or are under a court-order in our partnered jails.  In hospital diversion cases, the team provides jail-based competency restoration services and court-ordered evaluations in lieu of inpatient hospitalization. 

Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit 

Through the use of an interdisciplinary treatment team, RBHA offers a sub-acute residential Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) that provides treatment to individuals in crisis. At the CSU, we provide daily psychiatric evaluation and medication management, nursing, case management, peer recovery, and clinical services to all individuals admitted to the program. Learn more about RBHA's CSU.

Children's Crisis Stabilization Unit 

Since May 2012, Region IV has been supporting a 6-bed, Children’s Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) through a contract with St. Joseph’s Villa in Henrico County.  The CSU is designed to serve children and adolescents ages 5-17 who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis and require short-term, out-of-home placement.

Region IV’s Project Hope

Project Hope, a co-occurring disorders program, provides residential treatment services to individuals with moderate to severe mental illness who also have a co-occurring substance use disorder.  The integrated treatment model treats both the individual’s mental health conditions and addictions in a coordinated fashion and views the recovery process as long-term and community-based.  

Region IV’s Veteran's Services

The Virginia Department of Veterans Services Veteran and Family Support (VVFS) (formerly the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program- VWWP)  monitors and coordinates behavioral health, rehabilitative, and supportive services through an integrated, and responsive system of care. VVFS provides peer and family support and care coordination services to Virginia veterans, members of the Virginia National Guard and Armed Forces Reserves (not in federal service), and their families with a special emphasis on those affected by stress related conditions or traumatic brain injuries resulting from military service.   For more information about DVS’ Veteran and Family Support, visit