Psychiatric & Medical Services

RBHA psychiatrists perform evaluations and treatment for eligible individuals in accordance with their individualized service plan.  Periodic medication monitoring appointments and re-evaluations are provided. Psychiatric services may be performed in the clinic or as an outreach service.  A portion of service time is reserved for urgent/emergent care.  Initial appointment priority is given to individuals recently discharged from psychiatric hospitalization.

RBHA provides for general nursing support to the outpatient psychiatric clinic including medication counseling, assessment of side effects, injections, collection of lab specimens, and screening EKGs.  Nursing staff also complete consumer nursing assessments and coordinate physician scheduling.

Medication Access

RBHA’s Medication Access service provides a central point for medication access for consumers without an insurance prescription benefit.  Staff coordinates access to medications through the State Community Resource Pharmacy, Indigent Drug Programs, and sample medications.

Contact RBHA by email or by calling 804-819-4000 to learn more about Psychiatric & Medication Services.