RBHA's Hospital Liaison Services 

Hospital liaison staff provides follow-along case management services for individuals hospitalized in state psychiatric facilities.  This follow-along includes attending treatment team meetings, preparing discharge plans, and connecting individuals to appropriate community-based services.  Individuals being discharged from state hospitals are linked to necessary Intake and Medical services allowing for continuity of care.

RBHA’s Forensic Services

Forensic services follow forensic patients in state facilities and provide case management and outpatient counseling to individuals discharged from adult facilities on conditional release plans. As required by Virginia law, forensic staff monitor the progress and status of individuals on conditional release plans and make regular reports to the supervising court.  Outpatient assessment for court-ordered Competency to Stand Trial and Restoration of Competency are also available as an outpatient service through the Forensic Services Program.

Contact RBHA by email or by calling 804-819-4000 to learn more about Hospital Liaison & Forensic Services.