Developmental Disabilities Screening and Support Coordination Services (DD Unit page)

RBHA’s DD Unit provides screenings for the DD Waiver waitlist as well as support coordination services for individuals who have the DD Waiver.

Screening and Eligibility

Individuals three years of age and older who are diagnosed with a developmental disability other than an Intellectual Disability may qualify for the screening process.  The DD Intake Coordinator will assess the individual for both diagnostic and functional eligibility to determine if they meet the eligibility criteria for the DD Waiver waitlist.

Diagnostic Criteria Includes:

  •  A documented severe, chronic disability that is attributable to a mental or physical impairment or a combination of mental and physical impairments, other than a sole diagnosis of mental illness. This would need to be confirmed through an evaluation completed by a credentialed professional (Ex. medical doctor, OT/PT or psychologist) and is not limited to a psychological evaluation, school records and/or medical records.
  • Is manifested before the individual reaches 22 years of age.
  • Is likely to continue indefinitely.
  • Results in substantial functional limitations in three or more of the following areas of major life activity to include:
        • Self-care
        • Receptive and expressive language
        • Learning
        • Mobility
        • Self-direction
        • Capacity for independent living

If the individual meets diagnostic criteria, the DD Intake Coordinator will conduct a Virginia ID/DD Eligibility Survey (VIDES) to determine functional eligibility. Once confirmed, the individual will be placed on the DD Waiver Waitlist and monitored by the DD Support Coordinator on an annual basis to ensure continued eligibility and ensure any changes in status are reflected and documented.  

DD Support Coordination Services

Once an individual receives a DD Waiver slot, the individual has the choice to receive support coordination supports through RBHA, a surrounding CSB or a local private provider.

DD Support Coordination services ensure the individual is provided with the supports and services needed to integrate themselves into their surrounding community and be as independent as possible. Support Coordination also ensures individuals are given informed choice regarding their services and provides monitoring and collaboration to ensure satisfaction is met.  For more information regarding supports provided through the waiver, please refer to the DD Waiver.

To get started, contact:

DD Intake Coordinator:
Sara Thompson, QDDP
Phone: 804-819-4041

DD Manager:
Mary Williams, MS, QDDP
Phone: 804-819-5220